Amara Untermeyer is a Texas-born, California-based documentary filmmaker and commercial director with a rich portfolio spanning investigative documentaries, adventure programming, and branding initiatives. Her work includes directing projects worldwide, collaborating with human trafficking survivors and FBI heads, and creating content for The History Channel, the American Youth Foundation, and the National Center for Healthy Housing. Amara's exceptional dedication to portraying the human condition has earned her acclaim, including interviewing Reed Brody of Human Rights Watch and contributing to The Guardian UK's Wikileaks coverage.


Additionally, Amara has established a significant presence in the automotive industry, directing for some of the world's largest brands, like Ford, Chevrolet, Cadillac, and Acura. Her expertise extends to major healthcare and pharmaceutical spots, showcasing her versatility and ability to engage with various subjects. She directed "Generation Found," a documentary on a Texan community's battle against drug-related deaths, spending over nine weeks in Houston's largest sober high schools. This project highlights her unique talent for immersive storytelling and connecting with varied cultural and social environments.