Travis Button

Amidst the world-class creative hub of Los Angeles, Travis Button is emerging as a deft talent that combines all levels of expertise under the title "Director." Born in the Heartland of Kansas and having honed his formal training at the prestigious Savannah College of Art & Design, it is of no small consequence that Button's approach is a mixture of genuine can-do attitude and technical brilliance.

With over a decade of freelance experience in the industry's most competitive pool, he has embraced an all-inclusive collaborative process while cultivating recognition of his unique proficiency in the realms of production and post-production. Through senior positions with powerhouses like Scholar, MPC, Psyop, Imaginary Forces, Logan, Royale, Wolf & Crow, and Eight VFX, to name a few, came the necessary challenges allowing him to excel as a VFX Director, Supervisor, and most importantly, Artist. This arc of evolution expanded his role as a Commercial Director and now principal of his shop.

As a Director, he has taken the helm on campaigns for Red Bull, VIZIO, Fiji Water, ServPro, and Harmless Harvest, while managing Hyphenate to excellence in post-driven spots for FOX, The Academy, the Brewer's Association, Gillette, and Tik Tok.

In an entertainment world that demands more from its creators, Travis Button lands himself in a distinctive class of modern directors, whose fluency and will to master has no limits.